May 22, 2022
Google Feed more less option

Google Feed App Testing a More/Less Granular Control Option

A server-side switch test now displays a Google Feed more less option for the mobile app, giving users more control of curated content…

Many social news aggregation services offer users a way to request seeing more or less of a topic. It’s essentially a fine tuning tool, giving users more granular control of what pops up on the platform. The option is present on the Google News app, but it’s not available on the Google Feed app (formerly called Google Now). However, it appears Google is at least considering adding the option to its mobile app.

Google Feed More/Less Option Test Spotted

The new Google Feed more/less option is now beginning to appear in the latest version of the application. It shows up under the card, across from the source website. Tapping it reveals a binary more/less option. Selecting “more” brings up a “More like that coming your way” congratulation message. While selecting “less” displays “You’ll get less like that in your feed.”

Google Feed more less option screenshot
Credit: Android Police

It’s a very simple addition but a welcome one. Google News already has a similar option. However, it requires users to block sources and nothing more particular. Although, this omission on the Google Feed app does lack in function.

As with any test, there is no guarantee the new Google Feed more/less option will make it to stable, wide release.

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