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Google Fi Subscribers Now Get a Boost on Mobile Data Connections — but There’s a Couple of Catches

Google Fi Introduces W Plus Data Connection Enhancer

Credit: Clark

Google Fi has expanded its mobile data enhancement network, W+, but it’s only available to Pixel phones and counts against data usage…

Google Fi first rolled out an experimental program known as Orion WiFi back in 2020. It came from Google’s incubator lab, Area 120, and it allowed certain locations to sell their WiFi capacity to wireless carriers. Now, it’s been relabeled and is available for Google Fi subscribers, who’ll enjoy enhanced data connections inside W+ spots. But, there are a couple of caveats.

Google Fi Introduces W+ Data Connection Enhancer

Google Fi W+ leaps into action whenever coverage is spotty or low quality. So, it’s designed to work in places like airports, malls, or stadiums. Once connected, it provides a secure and high-quality WiFi network that improves the mobile data connection. When activated, a W+ icon appears at the top of the screen in the network settings. But, there are some things to know.

For instance, Google Fi W+ won’t work with every device on the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), it’s only compatible with Pixel phones running Android 12 or above. Also, it’s not totally free to use – it counts against the subscriber’s mobile data usage. However, it’s still possible to disable W+ although it connects automatically. Simply turn off WiFi or opt-out by going to Settings > Network Network & Internet > SIM > Google Fi > W+ Connections.

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