August 8, 2022
Google fidget spinner

Google Fidget Spinner goes Live on the Web Amid Craze

A Google fidget spinner now appears right on the SERP or search engine results page, with a few options, such as a number spinner, for a little fun…

Last (school) year began with dabbing. The popular dance move found its way into practically every classroom and beyond. Up next, water bottle flipping — a pastime which stretched the average minute into a feel-like hour and much longer when incessantly repeated. The latest craze is the fidget spinner and searchers discovered a hidden¬†Google Easter Egg ¬†— its own virtual device.

Google Fidget Spinner goes Live Directly on the SERP Amid Craze

Available on desktop and mobile, the Google fidget spinner includes the familiar handheld in a digital form, along with a number spinner. Searchers can either click on “Spin” or swipe across a mobile device screen to use it. The spinner responds to both fast and slow swipes, which makes it particularly remarkable. The number spinner is customizable from 2 to 20 numbers. But, unlike the familiar fidget spinner, the number spinner actually comes to a stop, landing on a number.

Google number spinner
Credit: Google

Google is known to place different things right on its SERP. For instance, searching “Solitaire” will render the game, while the query “calculator” brings up a calculator on the screen. Additionally, “animal sounds” returns several choices, including a lion, bowhead whale, humpback whale, owl, duck, rooster, ape, cow, tiger, raccoon, and turkey.

The search giant just introduced Google for Jobs, a new query feature which returns different openings, with filtering options.

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