July 4, 2022
Google Finally Releases a Google Stadia Explanation Video

Almost a Year Since its Release, Google Finally Offers a Video to Explain what Google Stadia is, Called ‘What is Stadia?’

Google Stadia made its debut nearly a year ago, but it’s only now that Google has released a video explaining the gaming platform…

On November 19th, 2019, Google released Stadia, a new gaming platform. That’s just shy of a year ago. But, in all that time, the company has never released a video that succinctly describes what it is — and isn’t. Instead, the tech giant has relied on piecemeal information, enough to create confusion around it. Now, that’s changed. Google has finally put out a Google Stadia explanation video.

Google Finally Releases a Google Stadia Explanation Video

What makes this newsworthy — aside from the fact that it’s been conspicuously absent — is the fact that Google has never really provided a cohesive but short description of the gaming platform. The video explains it’s a cloud-based gaming service, so there’s no need to download or update games. And, it’s cross-platform, meaning it can be played on a number of devices. What’s more, the Google Chromecast Ultra supports play, which means it can be experienced on large screens, like living room televisions. 

This is good news, because many people mistakenly labeled it as the “Netflix of Games.” Although, it isn’t. What’s more, Stadi doesn’t even require a monthly subscription to play. Watch the new Google Stadia explanation video below:

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