October 1, 2022
Google fixes widespread Android Auto internet connection error

Google Finally Fixes this Widespread Problem Plaguing Android Auto

Android Auto has suffered from a persistent issue for quite some time now, but there’s a solution available, through a user-initiated update…

There’s been a long-standing problem with Android Auto and specifically, it’s ability to establish and maintain an internet connection. It’s likewise one of the most widespread issues with the tech. (So much, it’s received over 1,200 up-votes and about as many replies on the Android Auto support site.) Now, the internet giant is doing something about it.

Google Fixes Android Auto Internet Connection Error

It appears thousands of Android Auto users have encountered problems with their connections. The issues trigger the following error messages. These display across the screen, generally when speaking a command. Or, when the Assistant is attempting to execute a user’s command:

  • “This internet connection isn’t strong enough at the moment”
  • “This internet connection isn’t stable at the moment”

Although the original complainant owned a Samsung Galaxy Note9 on Android 10, subsequent contributions indicated the problem was far more ubiquitous. Others owned different devices, including a OnePlus, Android 9 Pie, among a plethora of various hardware and software versions. 

Thankfully, a Google Community Support Specialist has responded to the growing list of complaints. The Google Assistant team created and released a patch for the Google app that should resolve the problem. If affected, simply go to the Google Play Store and download the update.

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