November 7, 2022
app pre release security issues

Google Says it’s Flagged 1M+ Pre-Release Mobile Apps over Security Concerns

Mobile app pre-release security issues have caused Google to flag more than one million programs in the Play Store…

Five years ago, Google introduced its proprietary Application Security Improvement Program. This allows the search giant to review apps before making them available to the public for download. Of course, not all submitted apps make it. But, even those with issues can still find their way into the Google Play Store.

Google Flagged One Million Plus Apps in the Play Store over Pre-Release Security Issues

Now, Google is disclosing some numbers regarding its ASI Program. Since its release, Google has flagged over 1 million apps over security concerns.

“When an app is submitted to the Google Play store, we scan it to determine if a variety of vulnerabilities are present. If we find something concerning, we flag it to the developer and then help them to remedy the situation.”

Additionally, just last year in 2018, the program helped more than 30,000 third-party developers fix issues with 75,000 problematic apps.

“Think of it like a routine physical. If there are no problems, the app runs through our normal tests and continues on the process to being published in the Play Store. If there is a problem, however, we provide a diagnosis and next steps to get back to healthy form.”

Moreover, the company states its rejection rate increased by 55 percent, while suspensions rose by 66 percent.

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