September 16, 2022
Google Flights airline delays

Google Flights Now Predicts Airline Delays Using this Neat Trick

New Google Flights airline delays data is hitting the platform, using historical information, along with artificial intelligence…

Google is introducing two new features on Google Flights — airline delays and helping to demystify Basic Economy fares. These represent two of the most frustrating and complex aspect of modern air travel.

Google Flights Airline Delay Alerts Rolling Out

Google Flights will pull flight data directly from the airlines. And, it will also leverage its treasure-trove of historical data, along with machine learning, to predict delays. In fact, Google anticipates the system will spot delays before the airlines. The combination of artificial intelligence and historical data gives the search engine the ability to detect patterns and predict delays before any official confirmation.

Credit: Google

The company explains it won’t flag flights as delayed until it reaches an 80 percent confidence threshold. What’s more Google will likewise provide the reasons for the delays, such as weather or other scenarios. Users can easily track flights on the platform by searching flights numbers or routes.

Additionally, Google is explaining the components of Basic Economy fares. It will disclose what fares do and do not include. For example, Google will now provide information about restrictions, like overhead space use, baggage fees, and more. This feature will begin with American Airlines and Delta flights.

Credit: Google

Back in August of last year, the company introduced new features for flights and hotels. Then, in December, Google added price tracking and deals

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