November 2, 2022
Google Flights Material Theme

Google Remade Google Flights with Material Theme Elements for the Web on Desktop

Google Flights Material Theme elements are now live on the web for desktop, featuring rounded corners, more white space, and more…

Over the past few years, Google has put more and more behind its travel properties, including Maps and others. It’s added new tools and machine-learning resources for improved performance.

Now, Google Flights, a search tool and dedicated website, has a new look, complete with Material Theme elements.

Google Flights Material Theme Redesign for Desktop Rolls Out

Google Flights allows users to search for destinations, air fare, and more. It includes options for time range, seat class, and number of passengers.

With the adaptation of Material Theme elements, the multiple input fields and menus now have rounded corners, along with a white background.

Google shed the previous dark blue theme from before the makeover. However, it remains as an accent color throughout the site. At the bottom of the homepage, is a map of suggested trips with “Explore destinations.”

The whole page now includes a white background, giving it more pop through stark contrast. Rounded corners appear everywhere, as well as pill-shaped boxes.

Overall, it’s an organized and clean look which really focuses on important features. Here’s a screenshot of the new Google Flights revamp with Material Theme elements:

Google Flights Material Theme screenshot

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