September 12, 2021
Google floats hiring Killed by Google site creator Cory Ogden

Google Reaches Out to Creator of Killed By Google Website in Seeming Move to Acquire Services

Google has finally contacted the creator of the Killed By Google site, Cory Ogden, ostensibly to hire the web developer…

Google enthusiasts (and haters alike) derive quite a bit of joy from a satirical catalog website named Killed By Google. As the name outright states, this is a repository for all the projects Big G has abandon over the years. Now, the tech giant has reached out to its creator to inquire about hiring him.

Google Floats Idea of Hiring Killed By Google Site Creator, Cory Ogden

Cory Ogden, a digital product designer, is the man behind Killed By Google, an archive of all the programs Google has sunset over the years. On the site, visitors can find every single thing Google has shut down, which includes almost 200 projects, dating back to 2006 with Google Deskbar.

The site is a complete record of everything Google has retired, and clicking on any one of them redirects to a dedicated Wikipedia article. Some of the more infamous examples include Google+, the company’s failed social network, Inbox by Gmail, the Google URL Shortener, Google Goggles, Google Wave, and a whole lot more.

Whatever Google’s intentions, Ogden is approaching the request in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

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