September 17, 2022
Google Flutter beta

Google Releases Flutter, Toolkit for Creating Cross Android, iOS Apps

Google Flutter beta, state-of-the-art framework for building cross Android and iOS apps, launches to make development an easier process…

Creating apps for Android and iOS platforms is a big deal. In fact, it’s a very time-intensive task. This is the exact reason why apps are typically built and released on one platform, followed by another. In a sense, it’s having to create an app all over again so the performance remains consistent as possible.

Of course, there are some ways around this problem. For instance, using React Native, by Facebook. It uses JavaScript, lessening the workload. But, it’s still not a perfect solution. Last year, Google introduced an answer to this at I/O — Flutter. It’s an open-source framework which allows developers to build native apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

Google Flutter Beta, Cross Platform App Builder, Launches

Google just released Flutter beta, which is not only compatible with Android and iOS, but also, with Fuchsia, Google’s own, upcoming OS or operating system. Now officially in beta, Flutter will soon see wider adoption.

Flutter is already making great strides, as it is now compatible with the iPhone X. It also supports localization, inline video, and more. Plus is includes screen-reader support, along with right-to-left text. Moreover, it likewise supports Dart 2, which is Google’s own programming language.

Android and iOS apps built on Flutter have already made their way to their respective digital stores, according to Google. Developers can check it out by going here. As for end-users, this should bring better app experiences.

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