September 15, 2022
Google Fred update

Google Fred Update Hit Ad-Heavy, Thin Content Sites Hardest, Report Reveals

Just about a week before the Ides of March, the Google Fred update rolled out, though unconfirmed at the time, it’s effects are now evident, a report shows…

A couple of days in the second week of the month, an unconfirmed Google ranking signal update dubbed “Fred” appeared to roll out. Now, SEO tool set data collection company, Sistrix, releases a report of their findings about its impact. The company reviewed nearly 300 domains and found the Google Fred update did hit certain types of sites hard.

Google Fred Algorithm Update Hit Ad-Heavy, Thin Content Websites the Most, Report Reveals

At the time, John Mueller and Gary Illyes of Google, stated the search giant makes changes to its organic ranking signals on nearly a daily basis. And, the company releases about three updates, on average, per day. Although somewhat contradictory, Googlers routinely state the search engine makes changes to its algorithms routinely.

As for the Google Fred update, the analysis appears to confirm the initial contention it targeted spammy and/or low quality sites. Now, the impact of Fred is more clear. Domain analysis concludes it targeted low quality and/or spammy sites, as well as those which are ad-heavy. 

The Sistrix report reads, in-part, the update hit sites with “…advertisements, outdated, thin and scraped content, as well as incomprehensible articles made up of 300 word ‘SEO texts’ pumped to the brim with main keyword mentions and void of any useful information or a sense of readability.”

Webmaster who notice a drop in their rankings should conduct an on-site audit. Google recently experienced a search analytics bug, which caused disinclusion of image search results in reports.

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