May 22, 2022
Google Fuchsia Android app support

New File Suggests Google Fuchsia OS will Support Android Apps when It’s Released

Google Fuchsia Android app support will likely be a key part of the upcoming operating system, as a new file on the open source project appears…

The public first became aware of Fuchsia, a new operating system by Google in August of 2016. Oddly, it wasn’t announced. Instead, Google just quietly posted a new project on GitHub.

Since that time, it’s been learned Fuchsia is a capability-based OS, based on a microkernel called “Zircon.” Put plainly, Fuchsia would run on multiple platforms. Meaning, cross-platform capabilities, so it could eventually replace both Chrome OS and Android entirely.

Google Fuchsia Android App Support Spotted

While it could take years to actually show up on consumer devices, we now know it will have the capability to run Android apps. Thanks to 9to5Google, which spotted a new file posted on the Android open source project.

This adds to the ongoing assumption Fuchsia will run on nearly any device, including desktop and laptop machines, phones, and tablets. What’s more, it would replace Chrome OS and Android, ending the gap between the two systems.

It represents yet another step toward bringing the Fuchsia OS to the public at-large. And, unlike Andromeda, the mythical Android/Chrome OS replacement, Fuchsia is real.

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