November 4, 2022
Google Fuchsia

Google Takes another Step Toward Replacing Android (and Perhaps Chrome OS) with Fuchsia

Google has quietly rolled out a new development website for Fuchsia, the secretive project intended to replace Android and maybe Chrome, alike…

Although Android is one of the two most ubiquitous mobile operating systems on the planet, it’s not going to stick around forever. In fact, it’s now well-known Google is actively working to replace Android and quite possibly, Chrome OS, as well.

Google Fuchsia Development Site goes Live on the Web

The system to do this is called Fuchsia and now, the new operating system has its own development website at

Fuchsia differs from Android and Chrome OS in a key way — it isn’t built on Linux. Rather, it’s based on a new kernel, created by Google, called “Magenta.” The company describes Magenta as being made for “modern phones and modern personal computers.”

Fuchsia works on the Flutter SDK system, which also runs on Android. Meaning, Fuchsia can integrate with Android devices.

Google uploaded the site as a starting point for the ostensible development of Fuchsia. But, there’s no way to really run the new OS at this time. So, it’s a bit curious why the tech giant opted to roll out the dev site now.

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