August 9, 2022
Google Gboard Smart Replies

It Looks Like Google is Now Testing Gboard Smart Replies for Facebook, Android Messages, WhatsApp, and More

Google Gboard Smart Replies are handy, providing automated suggestions for messages and now, the tool is probably coming to Facebook and other platforms…

Search giant Google released Smart Replies some time ago. For those unfamiliar, Smart Reply is a feature which automatically surfaces suggested contextual responses to messages. It’s available in a few services, including: Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, and Gboard. But, it doesn’t necessary work with other messaging clients, even if Gboard is set to default. Now, it appears that might actually change.

Google Gboard Smart Replies Test for WhatsApp, Android Messages, Facebook, and More Spotted

A look into the code of the app back in January revealed it embedded in Gboard. However, it seems it’s making its way out to more platforms. Some users report seeing a prompt to enable Smart Reply within notifications. Here’s a screenshot:

Google Gboard Smart Reply enable screenshot
Credit: XDA Developers

Currently, it is surfacing in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, Snapchat, as well as others. Users who do encounter it state the function only pops up after tapping on a quick reply box in specific notifications. Unfortunately, it’s not universal, so not everyone is seeing it in action.

Smart Reply is a quick way to get back in a jiffy. Google also introduced Smart Compose at its I/O conference this May. This is a handy feature which automatically suggests sentences while typing, using artificial intelligence or AI.

The feature focuses on common speech patterns to save time by limiting repetitive phrases. And, it also helps to reduce spelling and grammatical errors. It’s another great tool to increase productivity.

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