November 5, 2022
Google get in line

Google Displaying a New “Get in Line” Feature in the Local Panel

A new Google “Get in Line” button now appears on some search results in the local panel, in an apparent test of the feature…

SEO specialist Sergey Alakov has spotted a curious yet helpful new tool on Google’s local panel — a “Get in Line” button. Sergey posted screenshots of the feature over on Twitter, as well as his blog, showing what it looks like.

New Google “Get in Line” Local Panel Option Spotted

The new Google “Get in Line” local panel option appears to be supported by DineTime. It’s a large, horizontal button, which appears right below the Call, Directions, Save, and Website shortcuts:

google get in line 1
Credit: Sergey Alakov

Not only does it give searchers the option to put their names on the wait-list, it likewise displays the current wait time, along with detailing the number of parties ahead:

Google get in line 2
Credit: Sergey Alakov

What’s not immediately notable but still remains unknown, is where the “Reserve a Table” call-to-action button is usually located. It could be Google is just running an A/B test, with some people seeing the Reserve a Table option, while others see Get in Line. Or, Google might eventually bring both tools to the local panel. Of course, this remains to be seen.

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