November 3, 2022
Gmail AI spam filter

Google Now Blocks 100 Million More Spam Messages in Gmail every Day, Thanks to AI and Machine Learning

The Gmail AI spam filter does a bit more work to go the extra mile, now blocking 100 million more nuisance messages per day, with TensorFlow…

Google commands a whopping 1.5 billion Gmail users, along with another 5 million enterprise accounts. Combined, that’s a massive number. Which means, a huge amount of messages flow through inboxes every day.

And, Google already blocks 99.9 percent of Gmail spam, phishing, and malware. That’s certainly impressive. But, when dealing with such large numbers, every little bit helps.

Google Gmail AI Filter Blocks an Additional 100 Million Spam Messages per Day

With this context in-mind, it’s more appreciable just how big the job is to keep junk out of the system. Meaning, every step toward reducing spam, malware, and phishing is another big accomplishment.

Google published a blog post, revealing it’s now blocking 100 million more of these types of messages on a daily basis using its in-house tool, TensorFlow:

“Where did we find these 100 million extra spam messages? We’re now blocking spam categories that used to be very hard to detect. Using TensorFlow has helped us block image-based messages, emails with hidden embedded content, and messages from newly created domains that try to hide a low volume of spammy messages within legitimate traffic.”

Google first rolled out TensorFlow back in 2015. Now, it’s a giant part of Google’s AI business. So, it’s working hard to make Gmail all that much better.

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