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Google Tracks Everything its Users Purchase through Gmail and Stores the Information on this Little-Known Page

Google Gmail tracks users' purchase history

Credit: Flickr / Shawn Collins

Turns out, Google keeps track of what its users’ purchase, even if it’s not directly through the search engine or its many services…

It’s pretty well known at this point Google collects a whole lot of data on its users through a number of products and services. But, the search and tech giant also keeps tabs on its users through other means, using Gmail.

Google Gmail Tracks Users’ Purchase History

A report by CNBC shows just how Google tracks people’s purchases, even when those things aren’t bought directly through a Google-owned service.

It’s not all that complicated. In fact, the data collection tactic is very simple. When people order things through apps or websites, confirmation emails go out to them.

And, since Gmail has well over 1.5 billion users, there’s a good chance said confirmations arrive via the Google email client.

That’s all it takes to collect even more data about users and it’s being stored in one place. It’s a page appropriately called “Purchases,” and it’s quite revealing.

What’s most eye-raising is the fact there’s no real way to delete this information. Clicking on the “Remove Purchase” link only redirects to Gmail. So, users must delete the email to remove the purchase from the page.

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