January 12, 2022
Google Go app installs

This App Download Milestone might Speak to the Success of this Google Product (or Not)

Google Go app installs just hit a significant milestone on the Google Play Store, possibly indicating the popularity of one Google mobile product…

Google hasn’t revealed much information about its Android Go sales. Which obviously makes it difficult to know just how many of these phones have really sold. But, a recent occurrence could point in one direction — if it’s on its way to success or failure. Google Go app installs now total 10 million downloads from the Play Store. This is an indication of how well-received the mobile units actually are in the real-world.

Google Go App Hits 10 Million Mobile Installs on the Play Store

However, this milestone does not represent concrete proof. There are certainly people with non-Go devices downloading the Google Go app. After all, it does boast a strong data-saving tool. And, it’s supposed to work well on slow connections, as well as devices with little storage space. (It’s only 5MB in size.) Plus, it will even read webpages aloud for users.

What’s more,¬†Gartner, a research and advisory company, finds Android handset sales have gone over 626 million units in two quarters of this year. Extrapolating from that, Android Go devices account for as much as 1.6 percent of those sales. (Which is likely quite high and most probably, a lot less.)

Although, it’s not unreasonable to assume these devices are particularly appealing to consumers in emerging markets. With price points ranging from $40 to $50 per unit, sales should help to justify the Android Go program.