August 6, 2022
Google Go app read out loud

Want an Article Read Out Loud? Just Install this App and Listen

The Google Go app, created for emerging markets using low-budget devices, can now read webpage articles out loud to users…

Google built and released its Go app for emerging markets. It’s designed to work on 2G networks, accessed through low-budget devices. Now, it can actually read articles aloud in 28 different languages using a natural sounding voice.

Google Go App Read Out Loud Tool Released

The Google Go app using artificial intelligence to identify the most relevant parts of a page and read those sections out to users. So, it doesn’t read entire articles, only the most important parts. For instance, if it’s a recipe, it won’t read the backstory of how the author’s grandmother used to create this delicacy, just the recipe itself.

Android Go, designed for affordable devices with basic specs, is especially helpful because these often have small screens. As a bonus, the app highlights what it reads aloud, making it particularly useful for people learning another language. Plus, it’s very helpful for users who are on-the-go, running errands, exercising, or being otherwise engaged.

Google also just released new tools to add in holiday travel planning. These include showing price trends for hotel accommodations and flights. It’s made possible by combining resources from Google News Lab and Polygraph. Travel planners can easily find hotel deals and flight fares for Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as New Years.

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