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Google Hangouts to Split into Chat and Meet with the Main Platform Set to Sunset

Google Hangouts sunset

The Google Hangouts sunset is now scheduled, with Chat and Meet, two separate services, coming in as replacements for the platform…

Google announced in March 2017 it would split-up Hangouts into two services: Meet and Chat. Since then, not much occurred. But now, we know when the transition will actually begin to happen. On April 16th, Google will earnestly push G Suite administrators toward Meet and Chat.

Google Hangouts Sunset Begins as Spinoffs Chat and Meet Replace It

The Google Hangouts sunset comes as a strategy to wrestle more market share from competitors, like Slack. In fact, Chat, is much like Slack. However, most of the changes are merely admin-fronts. 

Classic Hangouts will sunset starting in October of this year. Anyone remaining who doesn’t transition will automatically be taken to Chat.

Other than specific dates, there’s not much more to it. Google continues to wrangle with its many communications products, serving a wide variety of needs.

Here are some key dates Google notes:

G Suite customers can expect the following timeline of changes:

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