October 1, 2022
Google has Yet to Release Fixes for Two Persistent Year-Old Nest Mini Speaker Issues

Google Still hasn’t Fixed Two Big Issues that Have Plagued Nest Mini Speakers for More than a Year

Google’s Nest Mini speakers have experienced two persistent issues for over a year now, and there’s no fix in sight to resolve the problems…

It seems there’s always a problem with the latest technology. While most of its works an incredible amount of time, issues to occasionally pop up. Most of the time, such issues are fixed in a very short time. But, others linger, even morph into more complex problems. However, there are instances when problems just go on and on and on, with no relief on the horizon.

Google has Yet to Release Fixes for Two Persistent Year-Old Nest Mini Speaker Issues

Two examples can be found in the Google Nest Mini speaker. The smart devices started experiencing issues back in December of 2019. And, both have to do with the core functionality of the smart speakers. Which is to say, they both render the devices completely useless, making them instant paper weights instead of tech-savvy gear designed to help consumers with their day-to-day lives.

The first issue is a constant disconnection from WiFi networks. Since Nest Mini speakers are entirely dependent on an internet connection, they become totally useless when disconnected. It’s so pervasive, there are more than 1,800 upvotes on a Google support thread by owners experiencing this very problem. But, that isn’t the only issue with the smart speakers which Google released in October of 2019.

The second issue is similar to the first, because it involves being disconnected, but not from WiFi. Instead, the problem is disconnecting from the Google Home app. This means owners have to repeatedly go through the set up process time and time again. Worse yet, Google is aware of both problems but has yet to issue fixes.

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