October 24, 2021
Google hotel search results price insights

Now, Google is Testing “Price Insights” for its Hotel Search Results

A new Google hotel search results price insights test is currently running, telling users when it’s the best time to book accommodations…

Google tests different features all the time. Now, it’s running an experiment for hotel search results called “price insights.” The tool shows searchers prices for specific hotels, date ranges, and more. And, it’s that more which is most important. Google might display a message which reads, “this hotel costs more than similar hotels nearby.” When clicked, it surfaces hotel price insights within Google search.

Google Hotel Search Results Price Insights Test Spotted

First spotted by Sergey Alakov, the feature pops up in the knowledge panel. Because this is just a test, not all users can replicate the results. Here are some screenshots which show off the tool, in-action. First up, is a box which tells users Google has found better deals:

Credit: Sergey Alakov

Next is a “Market comparison,” which shows users the price differences between hotels:

Credit: Sergey Alakov

Google also provides searchers with information about pricing, based on dates:

Credit: Sergey Alakov

Additionally, Google offering more information about price fluctuations over recent dates:

Credit: Sergey Alakov

Furthermore, Google shows off a “price evaluation for a select date range:

Credit: Sergy Alakov

This latest test is in-line with previous experiments. About a year ago, Google started showing hotel pricing trends. It debuted hotel price drop notifications prior, about two years ago.

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