January 17, 2022
Google image search redesign

Google is Now Testing a New Look for Image Search

A new Google image search redesign is now appearing for some users on the web, containing preview boxes and rounded filter bubbles…

It seems Google is currently running a test version of its image search portal. Users have taken to Twitter and other social sites to post screenshots of the new interface, which includes bubble filters along the top and white preview boxes in the results.

Google Image Search Redesign Spotted on the Web

The new Google Image Search redesign isn’t a radical change. But, it does clean up the experience, feeling less cluttered. Clicking on a filter bubble highlights it and launches a new page with the selection: 

Google image search redesign screenshot

Apparently, some users are seeing a white background, instead of a black one. The filter bubbles and layout also differ. Here’s a screenshot of the interface with the black background preview:

Google image search redesign screenshot black background preview

For comparison, here’s another screenshot with a white background preview, taken by @thibaultadda:

Google image search redesign screenshot white background preview
Credit: Thibault Adda

The white versus black preview background isn’t the only difference. Look at the two screen captures again, and the black preview opens a new window below the other images. Meanwhile, the white preview background floats the selected image to the side, complete with the source website and a description. Additionally, the “Visit,” “Save,” and “Share” shortcuts differ between the two experiences. Also, instead of a “View more” option, there’s a “See More” option.

At this time, Google isn’t commenting on the changes. It might well be a limited test for a future wide release or just an experiment. However, numerous people have seen and shared screenshots of the new interface, suggesting a rather large test audience.

Earlier this year, Google also tested a different version of its web image search which more closely resembled the mobile interface.

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