April 7, 2021
Google Image Search

Google Subtly Removes View Image Option from the Google Image Search Portal

The Google Image Search “View Image” option is being removed from the portal, likely due to an agreement to help fight copyright infringement…

Yesterday, Google removed the View Image button from Google Image Search. This comes just after the search company agreed to help Getty Images cut-down on copyright infringement.

Google Image Search View Image Button Removed

For those familiar, this option takes searchers straight to the hosting page of a particular image. It’s been removed but most of the other buttons remain in place. Also, Google made the copyright warning more conspicuous with the change. The Google Search Liaison tweeted the following announcement:

“Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites. This will include removing the View Image button. The Visit button remains, so users can see images in the context of the webpages they’re on.”

Additionally, the company likewise removed the “Search by Image” option. “The Search by Image button is also being removed. Reverse image search *still works* through the way most people use it, from the search bar of Google Images.” Here’s the tweet regarding that change:

It’s important to note that although the View Image button is no longer available, the same action is still possible by simply right clicking. That too, takes searchers directly to the hosting page of an image. 

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