July 4, 2022
Google improves local search results

Google will Now Delivers Better Results for Local Searches, Thanks to its AI Neural Matching Tech

Google has made its local search results better, with its AI neural matching technology, even when queries doesn’t contain exact business names…

It’s no secret — at least to those who choose to keep up with the world of search — that Google changes and tweaks its algorithms fairly frequently. But, most of the changes are so small, most people don’t even notice. Although, consumers do benefit from these modifications. 

Google Improves Local Search Results with Its AI Neural Matching

Back in 2018, Google began to use a neural matching system to improve how it process the relationship between queries and user intent. In other words, technology to improve how it parses words in regard to user intent, particularly when there’s an absence of exact phrasing:

“For example, neural matching helps us understand that a search for ‘why does my TV look strange’ is related to the concept of ‘the soap opera effect.’ We can then return pages about the soap opera effect, even if the exact words aren’t used.”

Now, Google is applying this system to local search results, meaning queries that rely on location to list nearby businesses.

The company already implemented the change last month and now it has fully rolled out. So, Google should now be better able to interpret what searchers are looking for, even if they don’t look for a specific business:

“The use of neural matching means that Google can do a better job going beyond the exact words in business name or description to understand conceptually how it might be related to the words searchers use and their intents.”

All of this should result in giving people better search results that match up words with user intent.

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