November 3, 2022
Google Improving Google Photos iOS Video and Photo Editing Tools

Google is Bringing Some Great Tools to Google Photos for iOS from Android

Google Photos for iOS is gaining some beneficial functionality for video and image editing, previously only available on the Android app…

Google routinely rolls out new features to its Google Photos app for iOS before it releases the same for Android. But this time, Google Photos on iOS is getting a few features previously exclusive to Android. While this is a reversal of its usual practice, Google is bringing a key update to iPhones which will bring its mobile app up to par with its Android counterpart.

Google Improving Google Photos iOS Video and Photo Editing Tools

The changes include some powerful tools for video and image editing on Google Photos iOS. The redesigned editor includes machine learning suggestions. Particularly, improvements to Enhance and Color Pop in regard to still pictures. With the new tools on Google Photos iOS, users can trim, rotate, crop, adjust, and apply filters, for videos, letting people to adjust clips without having to rely on other software.

These have been present on Android since April of this year, but they are now coming to iOS for use on iPhones and iPads alike. The update is currently rolling out to users and everyone with Google Photos on iOS should see the new tools within the next couple to few weeks.

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