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Here’s Google’s Latest Plan to Take on Rivals Microsoft and Slack with a New ‘Integrated Workspace’

Google integrating Chat, Rooms, and Meet into Gmail as a challenger to Microsoft and Slack

Credit: Google

Google is about to introduce a new productivity suite, which will first become available to G Suite users and to consumers some time in the future…

There’s about to be an alternative to Microsoft Teams and Slack. But, it’s from a well-known and established rival: Google. The tech giant is set to roll out a new version of Gmail that folds Big G’s other communication tools into one robust productivity suite. Basically, it’s an integration of Chat, Rooms, Meet, right into Gmail. And, it’s set to go live for G Suite users first.

Google Integrating Chat, Rooms, and Meet into Gmail as a Challenger to Microsoft and Slack

Now, this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking new technology. But, it does make for a every smart move on Google’s part. With its various communications tools, making them available in one place certainly makes sense. Moreover, since email is where most people start their day and rely on throughout, Gmail is a natural choice.

Google will provide some G Suite users as “early access preview” and then make it widely available to all G Suite members later on this year. Google says that it is working on bringing the interface to the public at-large, for everyday consumer applications by:

“…actively thinking through how and when to bring this experience to the consumers who might want it.”

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