May 26, 2022
Android Auto Waze integration

Google Introduces Android Auto Waze Integration

Google just announced its new Android Auto Waze integration, bringing the popular traffic app to another useful platform to help drivers improve commutes…

Cars equipped with Android Auto can now use Waze, right through vehicles’ in-car displays, touch screens, steering wheel buttons, as well as other console-mounted controls. In a blog post on The Keyword, Google states the Android Auto Waze integration can help commuters find the quickest route and receive the most recent traffic alerts.

Google Rolls Out Android Auto Waze Integration

Google explains all drivers need is the latest version of each app on an Android mobile device. Simply connect a smartphone or tablet to the vehicle USB port, launch Waze, and enter a location. 

Here are the available features in the new Android Auto Waze integration, quoted directly from the announcement:

  • Navigate to all your most frequented destinations as pre-programmed in your Waze app in one tap—we’re talking home, work, and your Waze favorites.
  • Start any drive using the voice command “OK Google” to tell Waze where you want to go, keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  • Receive visual and audio alerts to keep you informed of what’s ahead and find the fastest routes on a larger map with bigger views of alerts, hazards, and more.
  • Access your personalized Waze experience from your phone on your car’s bigger screen.
  • Easily view your ETA Panel, which organizes everything you need in one place so you can seamlessly check alternate routes and adjust your sound settings.
  • Help other Wazers on the road by sharing accidents, road hazards or traffic jams through a visual reporting menu.

Team Google states its commitment to bring new improvements to the apps in order to provide a safer and more seamless experience, specifically built for driving. The Android Auto Waze integration is now available to all markets currently supporting Android Auto. The company also states it is working on bringing Android Auto to mobile device screens, as well.

Google just introduced SOS Alerts, in Maps and search, to help people in crisis situations.

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