April 29, 2021
Android Messages app Smart Reply

Google Brings this Useful Allo Feature to Android Messages

Google just integrated an Android Messages app Smart Reply feature that’s already found in other clients, such as Gmail and Allo but, it’s not available to all users…

Google continues to bring one of its most useful features to various services. It’s called Smart Reply. And, it works by reading messages and then offer suggested replies. Google just brought Smart Reply to Gboard. Now, the search giant and tech company is doing the same for Android Messages.

Google Introduces Android Messages App Smart Reply

Originally found in clients like Gmail and Inbox by Gmail, Smart Replies are most predominantly found in Google Assistant. It’s also present in Google Allo. However, very few people actually use Allo, an AI-based instant messaging app.

The feature works much like it does elsewhere. Google simply analyzes the text in a conversation and automatically generates contextual responses. Users only need to tap on one of the automated responses. So, there’s no need to type out replies.

However, the new integration won’t work for all Allo users. Instead, it’s only being made available to those on Project FI. (Project Fi is a mobile virtual network operator by Google. It provides phone, messaging, and data services over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks for Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Three.) But, it might roll out to Allo users who are not part of the initiative in the future.

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