October 1, 2022
Google Introduces 'Hum to Search' Feature to Identify Songs

ICYMI: Google can Now Search for Songs just by Humming the Melody

Google rolled out a new way to search for songs last week, simply by humming the tune, Big G can tell what song it is…maybe…

Despite the fact that Google handles more than 1 billion search queries per day, and has worked on the software for over two decades, the search giant says 15 percent of queries have never been asked before. In order to close the shortfall, Big G relies on the power of artificial intelligence. With the embrace of such sophisticated technology, comes a new way to search called “Hum to Search.”

Google Introduces ‘Hum to Search’ Feature to Identify Songs

That’s right, just hum a tune (or try whistling or singing) into Google search and it will attempt to identify the song and artist. If this sounds familiar, that’s because something like it is already available via Shazam or Soundhound. It requires at least 10 to 15 seconds worth of input. Merely open Google, tap on the microphone icon, then whistle, hum, or sing and follow it up with “what’s this song” or “search a song.”

Google’s machine learning algorithm will go to work to identify potential matches. Results will be delivered based on the tune and it’s up to the searcher to pick the best match. If that doesn’t work, just ask Google Assistant, “What’s this song” while the track plays in the background.

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