May 27, 2022
Google Introduces New Chrome Web Store Badges Identify Safe and Helpful Extensions

Google just Made Finding the Right Extensions in the Chrome Web Store a Whole Lot Easier

Google has placed two new badges on worthy extensions in the Chrome Web Store that identify Featured software and Established Publishers…

Google is well-known for its tech-savvy web presence, including the Chrome Web Store, where thousands of extensions are available for download. But, not only can the plethora of choices be overwhelming, but knowing which ones to trust and which to avoid can also be equally confusing. While reviews provide some level of insight, they don’t tell consumers which ones Google approves of. That is, until now.

Google Introduces New Chrome Web Store Badges Identify Safe and Helpful Extensions

Google is now showing two new extension badges: Featured and Established Publisher. Both help people identify plugins that are safe and helpful. The Featured badge appears on add-ons meeting Google’s strict experience and design standards. Meanwhile, the Established Publisher badge is awarded directly to developers who have verified their identities with Google.  Plus, developers who also closely follow Developer Program Policy and have maintained a positive relationship with Google.

“Since 2009, publishers have been hard at work building extensions that make Chrome more powerful, useful and customizable for users. It has always been our mission to make it easy for users to find great extensions while recognizing the publishers who create them. Today, we’re announcing two new extension badges to help us deliver on our goal: the Featured badge and the Established Publisher badge. Both badges are live on the Chrome Web Store today.”

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