May 21, 2022
Google Introduces New Mobile Remote for Chromecast with Google TV

Google just Released a Handy New Feature for Google TV and It’s Perfect for Viewers Who Lose their Remotes

Google just made Google TV a little better by adding a new mobile remote option for Android, complete with a floating virtual keyboard…

Google TV is fast-becoming one of the best streaming platforms available. It’s not only equipped with Google Assistant, but it’s about to gain more live television options. (Plus, it even offers a watchlist that contains every title across several services so the list is always in a single place.) Now, Google TV is even more viewer-friendly as it’s been equipped with a new mobile remote for Android.

Google Introduces New Mobile Remote for Chromecast with Google TV

The latest update includes a new floating mobile remote within the Google TV app. With it, viewers can easy navigate the Google TV interface on their smart TVs or through the Chromecast dongle. It includes a virtual keyboard for search, entering login information, and more commands. Moreover, the tech company states it will eventually be compatible with Android TV. However, it’s unknown when it will arrive for iOS.

While this is certainly a handy feature for people who routinely misplace their remotes, it’s not a first. Roku has long offered a mobile app remote and this works much the same. But, it’s great for not only lost remote situation, but also, when the batteries suddenly die.

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