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Google Intrusive Interstitial Penalty for Pop Ups to Begin Soon

Google intrusive interstitial penalty

The new Google intrusive interstitial penalty for websites with pop ups will launch soon, scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 10th 2017…

Soon, a new Google intrusive interstitial penalty will hit websites displaying pop up ads that partially or completely cover page content.

Two years ago, the search engine introduced its mobile friendly label, which the company took away in August of this year. Next, “Mobilegeddon” rolled out, penalizing sites without a mobile version or responsive design. In January, Google will start penalizing sites with intrusive interstitials.

Google Intrusive Interstitial Penalty Targeting Websites with Pop Ups to Start January 10th 2017

Intrusive interstitials are basically pop up ads, often blocking part or all of a mobile or desktop page. Google constitutes this as bad user experience or UX, which violates its webmaster guidelines. Below are examples of what the search giant deems intrusive interstitials:

Credit: Google

“What we’re looking for is really interstitials that show up on the interaction between the search click and going through the page and seeing the content. What you do afterward like if someone clicks on stuff within your website or closes the tab or something like that, then that’s kind of between you and the user,” Google Webmaster Central’s John Mueller explains.

It is important to note, not all interstitials will trigger a penalty. For instance, interstitials necessary to meet legal and/or ethical requirements won’t cause penalization by Google. These include things like age verification and important disclaimers.

Google is focusing heavily on mobile, announcing it will split its search index to prioritize mobile listings over desktop. The search engine also indexes desktop pages in place of accelerated mobile pages or AMPs, when there is no mobile or responsive version.

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