September 21, 2021
Google Docs Smart Compose

Google will Soon Help People Write Documents after Doing the Same for Email with AI-Powered ‘Smart Compose’

Google is integrating is AI-powered Smart Compose, which debuted in Gmail, over to Google Docs, beginning with G Suite users…

Document writing is about to get a bit easier. Google is bringing its AI-powered Smart Compose feature over from Gmail to Docs. Google first introduced Smart Compose last year, a predictive text tool which uses artificial intelligence to suggest sentences when writing messages. This, after releasing a similar feature called Smart Reply, which functions as appropriately for its namesake.

Google is Bringing its AI-Powered Smart Compose Over from Gmail to Docs

Google will add the tool to Docs for G Suite accounts at first — something that’s a familiar pattern — before making it available to all.

For those unfamiliar, Smart Reply is the tool that offers automatic suggestions when answering email. Smart Compose works along the same lines, but it essentially eliminates the need to write out every single letter of every single sentence. The program learn’s individual users’ habits over time, making it sound more natural.

Smart Compose made its debut on the web but then appeared as an exclusive on the Pixel 3 phone before becoming widely available on Android and iOS.

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