May 27, 2022
Google is Bringing its Pixel Extreme Battery Saver to Older Models

Google Says it’s Bringing This Super-Useful Pixel Feature to Older Model Phones

Google plans to add one of its best tools for late-model Pixel phones to older devices, with an important upcoming feature drop…

Pixel phones have received a lot of praise since their succession of Nexus and debut back seven years ago in 2013. During that time, the tech giant has managed to make key improvements with each model. And, to capture more market share with its introduction of budget alternatives in 2019. Plus, the company has promised Pixel owners even more new features through its Pixel drop updates. Now, it’s about to roll out another that’s very welcome.

Google is Bringing its Pixel Extreme Battery Saver to Older Models

Because Pixel phones have premium gear — as well as high end features — battery life is quite important. To alleviate battery drain, Google built-in Battery Safer Mode. But, the tech entity has even improved on this with a new Extreme Battery Saver feature. As the name states, this pauses non-essential processes, turns of unnecessary tools, and slows the phone’s processes down.

Google says that its original Battery Saver Mode offers up to 48 hours worth of a charge, which is obviously extraordinarily impressive. However, with Extreme Battery Saver, recharges should last even longer. Although, the company hasn’t provided a ship date. Google only says the feature is scheduled for release “very soon.”

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