September 16, 2022
Google is Building New Money-Saving Features into Chrome for Android

Google is About to Make Saving Money Even Easier with a New Feature for Chrome for Android

Google is introducing new options to help consumers save money on purchases with two new tools for Chrome on Android…

Google is bringing price tracking and deal alerts to Chrome for Android. These two features will help people save their hard-earned money by sending alerts when prices drop on desired items. Online shopping only continue to increase in popularity. And, there are already plenty of price comparison and savings options on the net. However, these are so numerous as to be ubiquitous and therefore, unwieldy and time-consuming. 

Google is Building New Money-Saving Features into Chrome for Android

Now, the mobile version of Chrome is offering two new ways to save money. The Android browser includes flags (which anyone can enable) that provide alerts when prices drop. The first, aptly named “Price Tracking,” monitors the cost of items displaying in open tabs on Chrome, be it on an Android phone or tablet. The other money-saving feature is an in-browser alert that tells shoppers when the price drops.

Right now, the new Chrome money-saving options are available in Android through an experimental flag. Open the mobile browser and visit chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout, then tap the button to display the options menu and select Enabled Price notifications. Close and relaunch Chrome for the changes to take effect.

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