October 1, 2022
Google is Developing Peer-to-Peer App Sharing through the Google Play Store

Peer-to-Peer App Sharing Might Soon be Available, via the Google Play Store

Google seems to be working on a way for people to share apps through the Google Play Store, expanding on early available features…

Back in 2018, Google began experimenting with app sharing between devices. File managers like SHAREit and Files Go were among the first to facilitate sharing mobile applications. Now, a recent look inside the code of the Google Play Store strongly indicates that the tech company is about to bring similar capabilities to consumers. Though, just when isn’t yet known.

Google is Developing Peer-to-Peer App Sharing through the Google Play Store

If it does materialize, the Google Play Store will allow two users to select apps from nearby devices. Once both people open the Play Store, then connect to one another, a connection to transfer apps will be established via Bluetooth, NFC (or near field communication), or WiFi Direct. It’s unclear how many apps can be shared. But, it is very likely only free programs will work with transfer, while paid apps probably won’t.

Google’s P2P app sharing might not yet be ready for public release, but it’s potential is very promising. It would make a huge difference in certain situations, like in rural locations where there’s slow or shaky internet connections.

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