September 20, 2022
Google is Experimenting with an App Comparison Tool on the Play Store

ICYMI: Google is Testing a Neat New Tool on the Play Store that Lets People Compare Apps

Just last week, Google began tinkering around with an app comparison feature on the Play Store, but not everyone has access to try it out…

There are literally thousands upon thousands of apps on the Google Play Store. And, there are plenty of websites out on the internet where people can compare various products and services. These include, but aren’t limited to such things as phones, laptops, furniture, and so on. However, there’s relatively few resources for comparing mobile applications. That is, until now.

Google is Experimenting with an App Comparison Tool on the Play Store

Google is currently testing just that — an app comparison tool. It’s appearing on the Play Store (at least for users who are included in the experiment, anyway). If available, it displays a new comparison table below the comments on an app’s page. Details include ease-of-use, and other pertinent information to help people make a more informed decision about what’s the best fit.

For those not included in the test group, the Play Store simply shows what it usually does — the names of similar apps. Whether or not more people will be included in the test isn’t known. (Or, even if the experiment will prove valuable enough for Google to make the app comparison tool a regular part of the Play Store.

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