June 22, 2022
Google is giving Chromebook owners a free three month trial of Stadia Pro

Google is Giving Chromebook Owners Three Free Months of Stadia Pro Gaming

Google is running a new promotion that allows Chromebook owners to access Stadia Pro free of charge, for a three-month trial period…

Tech giant Google is determined to make cloud gaming mainstream. It’s attempting to do so through its Stadia platform, that largely does away with hardware. Now, to make it more appealing, Google is giving Chromebook owners three months to try out Stadia Pro, at no charge.

Google is Giving Chromebook Owners a Free Three Month Trial of Stadia Pro

It’s a smart marketing tactic because Chromebooks are practically built for Stadia gaming. Although, not just anyone with a Chromebook can take advantage of the offer. It’s restricted to certain territories (the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France). Also, it requires a Chromebook that was released in June 2017 or later. But, the promo code is good until January 14th, 2021– while supplies last, of course.

So, for eligible owners, this is a great chance to experience¬†Destiny 2 or¬†PUBG on a totally different platform. Even if the device is an entry-level machine, it should be able to handle play, just about as well as a premium model. While this isn’t exactly a compelling, sole reason to buy a Chromebook or put an existing model to another use, it will allow participants to explore more than just Android titles.

Google is giving Chromebook owners three free months of Stadia Pro
Credit: Google

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