September 20, 2022
Google is Improving Chromecast-Android YouTube App Combination Experience

Google is Testing a Richer YouTube Android App Experience for Chromecast Viewing

YouTube plays from the Android app to Chromecast is currently a Spartan experience, but Google is working on making it much more robust…

Right now, casting video from the YouTube app to a Chromecast-connected TV is very minimalistic. Doing so only shows the most basic details, such as channel name, view count, date and time. Meaning, there’s a lot left out of the experience, especially when compared to directly watching YouTube from an Android TV.  But, Google is apparently working to close the gap.

Google is Improving the Chromecast-Android YouTube App Combination Experience

A new player has showed up for some people. It contains a remote control right in the app, complete with several options, including being able to change settings like resolution, captions and subtitles, and even use granular controls like “stats for nerds.” Plus, when a video ends, instead of seeing “ready to watch,” viewers are taken to a home screen with “what to watch next” suggestions.

Although all of this is great news, for anyone watching without a premium subscription, the improvements come with a trade-off — there’s more advertisements to endure. Still, the ostensible new service will give people more options and a better overall experience when casting from the YouTube app to a Chromecast.

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