June 19, 2021
missing Google Play Store Opinion Rewards credits

Google is Prompting Opinion Rewards Users to Check their Play Store Credit Balances

Google is telling its Opinion Rewards members to check their Play Store balances due to a recent issue which caused credits to suddenly disappear…

Late last week, some Google Opinion Rewards members noticed their balances did not match their Play Store credits. The two amounts differed, usually with money missing from the latter, the Google Play Store.

Google Addresses Missing Play Store Credits Earned from Opinion Rewards Surveys

The disparity was caused by some type of glitch, resulting in a mismatch between the two platforms.

Google it aware of the issue, now prompting users via a message in the opinion rewards app, which prompts members to check their Play store balances:Google Opinion Rewards missing credits message

“Did your Play balance drop? Google Play credits received from answering surveys expire one year after issue. If you have recently seen an unexpected drop in your Google Play balance, please visit the Help Center for details.”

Google Opinion Rewards help center missing credits sectionThe message contains a link to a support page in The help center. Said page contains a section named “Help! My credits disappeared.” This section contains a another message telling users who all by the glitch to check back next week for an update:

“You may have seen a decrease in your Google Play balance recently, caused by a bulk expiration of Google Play credits older than one year. If you have been adversely affected by this, please check back next week for an update.”

Google hasn’t disclosed the reason for the issue but appears to be working on a remedy for the situation.

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