December 2, 2021
Google is Removing the Bottom Boundary Line from YouTube for Android

Google is Finally Eliminating One of its Most Quirky Design Elements on YouTube for Android

Google is doing away with the strange, somewhat distracting, and useless bottom boundary bar that appears on YouTube for Android…

Google has packed its most popular video platform, YouTube with some amazing features. So much, it’s fairly mature at this point. But, it’s still not perfect and there are a few elements that remain annoying, and one, in particular, is not only perplexing, but it is also entirely useless. The design quirk in question is the bottom boundary line, which appears on the Android version. Now, it’s being removed, finally.

Google is Removing the Bottom Boundary Line from YouTube for Android

It’s a small tweak, but a very welcome one because it serves no functional purpose, other than drawing the eyes to the area below both the navigation bar and the Upload shortcut. The fact that took so long to take action to pull it is what’s so curious. Because it serves no purpose and only confuses people as to its inclusion makes it all the more difficult to understand why it’s persisted for so long.

Additionally, Google is not only removing the borderline, the company is also fixing how the bottom of the app acts when dark theme is enabled. Previously, the navbar section was not color-matched with the rest of the user interface, which could also be distracting and annoying. Soon, this area will too match the dark mode, providing a more consistent look and feel.


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