November 3, 2022
Google is Separating its Chrome Browser from the Chrome Operating System

Google is Extending the Lifespans of Chromebooks with This Interesting Strategy

Google is working to make Chromebooks last significantly longer than their current six-year lifespan with a complex technological trick…

Google first introduced the public to Chromebooks over nine years ago in mid-June of 2011. They were largely met with skepticism and derision. Many in the tech industry mocked the machines, belittling them as unsophisticated and glorified web browsers. Nearly a decade later, attitudes have changed remarkably. Schools by Chromebooks in bulk. And, consumers have warmed up to them. Now, Google is about to make Chromebooks even better.

Google is Separating its Chrome Browser from the Chrome Operating System

Since their initial release, people have thought Chromebooks are little more than a web browser. Although, the machines have always been more complex. Chromebooks (and Chromeboxes) actually run two different types of software. One, is a thin Linux distribution, or the Chrome OS. The other, a browser. Now, Kent Duke a serious Chrome OS fan, has discovered something interesting — Google is pulling the OS away from the browser.

Right now, when someone buys a Chromebook, it comes with a specific end-of-life date or Auto Update Expiration (AUE). This lasts for six and a half years. That’s nearly at parity with Apple, and is certainly a long time. But, thanks to their solid-state build, those computers can last much longer. Google recognizes this and is working to make that happen.

At this time, when Google ships an update to Chromebooks, it contains two systems — a browser upgrade and an OS update — in one single package. However, these can be delivered separately. Meaning that the browser can receive new updates longer than the operating system can. So, Chromebooks manufactured next year and thereafter will have longer lifespans.

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