September 18, 2022
Google replacing Android voice search with Assistant

Google is Starting to Replace Voice Search on Android Devices with Google Assistant

Google is now beginning to incrementally supplant its legacy voice search for Android mobile devices with Google Assistant…

Prior to the introduction of Google Assistant, the search giant relied on “Voice search” for Android. Basically, it served as a shortcut for full-on search. But, over the past several years, Google has put more and more focus on Assistant. Now, it appears Google is beginning to phase-out voice search, replacing it with Assistant.

Google is Starting to Replace Android Voice Search with Assistant

The change is already well underway, according to a recent report by 9to5Google. Until very recently, it was still possible to access legacy voice search through the Google app, along with the search bar widget, or app shortcut.

Previously, the microphone in all three of those locations would result in a full Google searches for spoken queries. This included its familiar Search cards. Now, the microphone, which did represent voice search, is the G-shaped icon.

Additionally, another change is the user-directions, which did state “Say Hey Google.” It now reads, “Ask your Assistant.” Although it still displays the old interface, queries are now performed by Assistant.

This is more likely a permanent change than an A/B test as Google would probably chose to limit confusion stemming from two similar tools.

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