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Google is Working on Bringing this Super-Handy Option to the Google Phone App

Google is Testing a New Google Phone App Caller ID Announcement Feature

Credit: Droid Life

The Google Phone app just might gain a nifty new feature that will identify who is calling with a brief audio caller ID announcement…

Back in June, Google started to add a new feature to its Phone app. When ready, it would tell users why verified businesses were calling. Now, something similar appears to be in-the-works with the Google Phone app — caller ID announcement. This, according to a code analysis by the folks over at XDA Developers. If it makes its way to stable release, it will tell users who is calling by name or read the incoming phone number aloud.

Google is Testing a New Google Phone App Caller ID Announcement Feature

The new Google Phone app caller ID announcement feature isn’t the only change the company is making to the mobile application. It’s also working to automatically delete Call Screen transcripts and audio recordings after 30 days. XDA Developers was able to manually trigger both features, though they probably won’t go live for all users right away. Instead, they are likely to roll out as the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 go on sale.

Neither of the features represents a huge addition to the Phone app, but they are quite welcome, because they make it all the more functional. Here’s a screenshot of how the two new tools look inside the Settings menu:

Credit: XDA Developers / Google
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