September 20, 2022
Google is Working to Make it Easier to Link New Devices to the Google Home App

Google is Trying to Make Linking New Device to its Home App a Lot Simpler

Google is improving its Google Home app in order to make it easier to link new smart devices, cleaning up a sometimes convoluted process…

Ever set up a new smart home device? For those who have, most discover it isn’t as easy as depicted in advertisements and product literature. Usually, it’s a complex journey, filled with fits and starts that takes much longer than anticipated. Eventually, the connections are made and the functionality gives users a bit more convenience. Google recognizes the set up process isn’t perfect and is working to improve the experience.

Google is Working to Make it Easier to Link New Devices to the Google Home App

It’s called “App Discovery” and is a new way for third-party smart home device makers to quickly link their products to the Google Home app. While the Google Home app already displays small quick-access suggestion chips at the top, these don’t appear all the time. But, Google is attempting to streamline the set up process so that linking new devices and assigning them actions is a straightforward one. 

The catch is this is predicated on developers making necessary changes to their software and products, so it might take a bit of time until the new suggestions begin to appear in the Google Home app.

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