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Relax Affected Chromebook Owners, Google has Released a Fix for that Super-Annoying Lockout Bug

Google Issues Fix for Chromebook Login Failure Bug

Credit: Beebom

Google has fixed a glitch that was locking Chromebook owners out of their devices, after some even completely factory reset their gear…

Google recently rolled out a patch for an issue causing Chromebook owners to be permanently logged out of their gear. The issue, found in Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165, was the result of a one-character typo in a recent software update, which effectively locked owners out of their machines. Due to the corrupt programming, at least some Chromebook owners were faced with being unable to login.

Google Issues Fix for Chromebook Login Failure Bug

Now, Google has fixed the problem and recommends that anyone affected should powerwash their machine to reset their devices in order to roll back to an early version of Chrome OS so access can be restored. For those unfamiliar, power-washing a Chromebook is returning the device back to its default factory settings. Doing so will cause loss of all customizations, but it will help to regain access to the machine.

Additionally, Google has paused the flawed update to prevent more Chromeboook owners from being affected by the login bug. This follows another recent issue when Google released version 91.0.4472.147, which caused some devices to run slower after the update was applied.

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