July 26, 2021
Google Keep 'Explore' feature

Google Keep ‘Explore’ Feature Spotted Inside APK Teardown

A new Google Keep ‘Explore’ feature currently exists in the latest APK teardown for Android, possibly mimicking Docs, Sheets, and Slides…

The most recent APK teardown of the Google Keep note taking app reveals something interesting. A new Google Keep ‘Explore’ option resides in the Android Package Kit or APK, according to 9to5Google.

New Google Keep ‘Explore’ Feature Found in APK Teardown

What makes it probable for widespread public release is that Google added the same type of explore feature to Docs, Sheets, and Slides last year. During the teardown, the Google Keep ‘Explore’ feature was activated in version 4.0.441.01. However, there is no guarantee the function will make it into stable release.

When activated, a new icon appears on the top bar, appearing before the Pin and Reminder buttons. A red dot glows when the tool has a suggestion for the user. Tapping on it reveals a panel of cards with “Explore this note” and “Follow up on your note” calls-to-action. Users are able to scan for actionable keywords and create reminders.

Google Keep 'Explore' feature screenshot
Credit: 9to5Google

Apparently, Google will solicit feedback about the explore option as the latest iteration contains thumbs up/down feedback icons. The most recent addition to Keep came back in July when Google added undo/redo controls

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