June 18, 2021
Google Keep indented lists

Google Keep Users will Soon Enjoy Indenting List Items

Google Keep indented lists are now appearing in the most recent version of the Android app and will also come to iOS, as well as the web…

There’s no arguing Google Keep is one of the most useful apps available. It’s a great way to keep lists and to-do reminders in one place and share them with others. But, it does certainly have its limitations.

Google Keep Indented Lists Debut in Latest Version

Back in November 2017, an “Explore” option was spotted in an APK teardown. Prior to that, Google Keep got an Undo/Redo tool in July of the same year.  Now, Google appears like it’s adding a new feature to make those lists a bit more useful. In version 4.1.211, there’s now an overlay hint which pops-up, alerting users they can swipe right to indent a list item and then swipe left to bring it back. Moreover, sub-items can easily be marked as completed and moved around.

Currently, it’s limited to just one sub-level, meaning users can’t create expansively structured lists. But, that should really be enough for its purposes. It’s a simple but important addition which provides a whole lot of functionality.

It’s coming to iOS and to the web soon. For desktop, a new notice pops-up when users first open a list, which explains how the tool works. It reads, “To indent, drag the items on your list or use the shortcut <Ctrl> + ]/[.”

Credit: Android Police

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