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Google Knowledge Panel ‘Questions & Answers’ Feature Spotted

Google Knowledge Panel 'Questions & Answers'

Credit: Sergey Alakov

A new Google Knowledge Panel ‘Questions & Answers’ tool is appearing for some users in mobile search, similar to Amazon’s Q&A feature…

Toronto SEO specialist Sergey Alakov recently spotted a new Google Knowledge Panel ‘Questions and Answers’ feature. It appears search giant Google is testing a new mobile tool for business searches.

Google Knowledge Panel ‘Questions & Answers’ Option Testing Begins

Alakov states he tried many different queries and the Q&A option showed up for hotels, consultants, bards, car dealerships, and more. Currently users who see the new Google Knowledge Panel ‘Questions and Answers’ tool must login to use it. But, when Alakov did so, the option disappeared. However, 9to5Google reports some users had success in using it.

This would make a great addition to the Google Local Knowledge Panel as it gives users more opportunity to ask specific questions about businesses. While reviews are certainly helpful, these don’t always provide information people want to know about a particular business, product, or service.

The feature is quite similar to Amazon’s own Q&A, which lets its users ask questions to gain more insight and feedback.

Google just added a search box to its dictionary cards and launched Reserve with Google, an appointment booking service.

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